Asbestos Testing and Sampling

bSure offers a wholly independent solution to the problem of asbestos, that is easy to use and very cost effective. We supply a self-contained kit that provides you with all the protective equipment you need to safely take samples and to get them tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

The process is simple:

  1. Purchase a kit by calling 020 7264 1010 or emailing us at
  2. Complete the sampling using the instructions provided
  3. Complete the enclosed form and post the double-bagged samples to us using the pre-paid mailer
  4. Our laboratory will analyse the samples on day of receipt and send you the results by email with the PDF certificate attached
  5. You can also log on to bSure’s secured website to view your results and download a tamperproof PDF certificate

The benefits to you are:

  • It is wholly independent – we are never involved in asbestos removal services

  • It is FAST – you will have an answer within 48 hours

  • Disruption to repairs will be kept to a minimum

  • You will be fully compliant with regulations governing asbestos

  • Self sampling is the least expensive method of identifying asbestos – it is typically 40% cheaper than a survey


Are you using the correct tools to sample?


Sample Toolkit - bSure Asbestos

Along with first class training courses, bSure provides a first class tool box. Ensure the sampler uses the correct tools and cleaning methods when carrying out sampling.

The box includes the following components:

  • Tool box
  • wipes
  • sprayer
  • paint pot
  • 2 chisels and a sharpening stone

All these items are required to carry out a safe method of sealing up an area that has been sampled, and therefore lowering any risk of cross contamination.

A handy investment to meet all your safe sampling needs.

To order a tool kit please email at or call 0207 264 1010 Lower Anchor Street • Chelmsford CM2 0AU020 7264 1010